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Unlimited Possibilities of WNFM Membership

The opportunities that WNFM offers its members, particularly through the Annual Meeting, typifies the uniqueness of the organization. A media report of one recent Annual Meeting noted that despite the contrary positions inherent in any meeting of suppliers and buyers, the debate was civilly spirited. The range of experience that WNFM members are able to gather in one meeting is impressive and beneficial to those who are newer to the industry and therefore not as well versed in its vast historical performance.

WNFM Membership Fees

Participants are assessed a yearly fee to cover the Board of Governors’ activities in carrying out its responsibilities, which include overseeing the administration of all WNFM matters; ensuring that all participants are treated equitably; and determining the direction and scope of the organization.

For More Information about WNFM

For more information about how participating in WNFM can benefit your organization’s nuclear fuel procurement activities and provide exposure to the international nuclear fuel markets, please Contact Us