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Board of Governors

Board Members

Mr. Kenny Church - Chairman
Manager Nuclear Fuel Supply
Duke Energy

Ms. Lourdes Guzman - Vice Chairman
Uranium Procurement Manager
ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas, S.A.

Mrs. Susan Hoxie-Key
Consulting Engineer
Southern Nuclear Operating Company

Mr. Jean-Michel Guiheux
Vice President Sourcing & Supply Contracts

Mr. Malcolm Critchley
President and CEO

Mr. Dan M. Collier - Executive Director
Director, Consulting
NAC International

Others - Appointed by Board

Mr. Juan Subiry - Secretary to the Board
VP, Market and Product Strategy
NAC International

Mr. Gary E. Leamon - Treasurer to the Board
Senior Consultant
NAC International

W. Hampton Morris - General Counsel to the Board
Cushing, Morris, Armbruster & Montgomery, LLP