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The World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM) was established in 1974 to promote international commerce in nuclear fuel materials.  WNFM membership comprises about 76 companies representing around 21 countries, and the WNFM welcomes all nuclear fuel industry organizations and other interested parties to join.

The WNFM’s efforts have evolved to a focused, ongoing dialogue among industry participants to solve commercial, nuclear fuel-related problems through the WNFM Annual Meeting.

WNFM Working Groups

The commercialization of government inventories, market price development, lack of transparency and liquidity, and consolidation of producers and generators are just a few of the many current challenges that affect the vitality, transparency, and efficiency of the nuclear fuel markets. The WNFM’s focused mission and broad membership gives it the unique ability to examine these challenges quickly and effectively on behalf of its members. This is accomplished by the WNFM through the coordination of working groups, each staffed by diverse subject matter experts who are recognized as leaders in the industry.

Over the years, the WNFM has organized numerous working groups to independently examine relevant topics that affect its members. Topics have ranged from developing standardized specifications on U3O8 drum packaging to changes in price reporting approaches to establishment of an exchange for nuclear materials. Subject matters are either developed by the Board or solicited from the membership. A Board member is assigned to oversee the progress of each working group and obtains industry involvement from key stakeholders.

WNFM Membership

Board Of Governors

Board Members


Malcolm Critchley

Kenny Church
Françoise Renneboog
Mark Whitwill
Sashi Davies
Jeanne Tortorelli


Additional Board of Governors Details


WNFM Administration

Executive Director

David Culp

Administrative Director

Rachel Little

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